“Deadpool 2 Cast Crew and Story”:- release date, cast, trailers and everything you have to know


Overview Deadpool 2:-

Bucking the trend of superhero blockbusters in more ways than one, 2016’s Deadpool shot to unexpected success after being made on a reported budget of $58 million – a fraction of everyday global smashes. GOOPHE review called it a “stylish salty antidote to bloated recent superhero movies,” and it became one of the year’s biggest hits.


When is Deadpool 2 released?

It’s been announced that the film will come out on May 18, two weeks earlier that previously planned.






What about a poster?

Ryan Reynolds released the poster for the first time

of deadpool 2 on his twitter…

thanks for releasing..



Which new characters are appearing in Deadpool 2?


Who is he? This flat top-donning comic character appeared in Fabian Nicieza’s ‘Cable & Deadpool’ comic series from 2004. Whether Deadpool 2 takes a direct adaptation of the series is yet to be confirmed..

Who’s playing him? Josh Brolin has been announced to play Cable – beating out the likes of Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan and Russell Crowe – who were also touted for the role.


Who is she? This fan-favourite mutant made her Marvel debut in 1992. She possesses the ability to bend luck to her will, meaning she always had an edge when squaring up to an adversary….

Black Tom Cassidy:-

Who is he? In the books, Black Tom Cassidy is the enemy of his cousin Banshee (who appears in ‘ X-Men: First Class’), and finds his energy through plant life. He’s reportedly going to be the baddie in the latest film.

Who’s playing him? According to Deadline Jack Kesy will be playing the villain.

Deadpool 2 Some Snaps:-



Full Cast & Crew:- 

Directed by :- David Leitch
Writing Credits  :-

Rhett Reese

Paul Wernick

Ryan Reynolds

Rob Liefeld

Fabian Nicieza

Cast :-

Josh Brolin :   Nathan Summers / Cable

Morena Baccarin:   Vanessa

Zazie Beetz :   Domino

Brianna Hildebrand:  Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Ryan Reynolds :   Wade / Deadpool

Bill Skarsgård :    Zeitgest

T.J. Miller :  Weasel

Rob Delaney:  Peter

Terry Crews : Bedlam

Realease date:-

  Deadpool 2, the sequel to 2016’s second best comic book movie will be unleashed in theaters May 18th.


Have you seen  Deadpool 2 trailer, if not then  the official trailer is mentioned below:-



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