10 Signs That He Is Not Going To Marry You


10 Signs That He Is Not Going To Marry You:-Marrying Someone Is Done Out Of Our Choice. If You Want To Marry; You Will, If Don’t; You Will Not.

The Guy Whom You Love Or Like, You Want To Marry Him But Do He Wants The Same. Does He Want To Share His Journey With You? Are You Both On The Same Page? If He Speaks Any Of The Following Then, Its High Time To Rethink And Have A Conversation With Yourself About Your Commitments Towards Him. Don’t Do Anything Which Is Not Worth It.


10 Signs That He Is Not Going To Marry You

When He Says –

10 Signs That He Is Not Going To Marry You
10 Signs That He Is Not Going To Marry You


1. He Doesn’t Believe In Marriages

Whenever You Are Trying To Have A Conversation With Him On Your Marriage, He Doesn’t Show Up Any Interest. What You Need To Understand Here Is, That He Is Not Interested In Marriage With You.


2. His Future Plans, Doesn’t Comprise You

If He Is Going To Marry You, You Are Going To Be Part Of His Present And Future As Well. What You Need To Understand Is, When His Future Plans Doesn’t Comprise You, You Can Get Replaced In Future With Someone Better Than You. He Can Ditch You At Worst.


3. Give Me Some Time To Think, I Might Jump Into A Positive Conclusion For Our Relation

A Guy Gets Sure, In Half-way Only That, Whether He Is Going To Marry A Girl Or Not. If He Himself Is Unsure, Then There Is No Point Of Making Compromises For A Person Which Is Proving To Be Worthless. At Present, You Are Just A Placeholder For Him At Best.


4. I Am Doing Everything For You, Just A Layer Of Excuse

He Wants A Car, He Gets It. He Wants To Buy A House, He Gets It. He Wants To Crack His Dream Job, He Does. Where Are You, In All These? Is There Any Ring In Your Hand? These All Can Be A Layer Of Excuse, Just To Keep You Without Commitment. If You Love Someone, You Need To Show Your Affection.


5. You Are His Friend And Not Girlfriend, In Front Of His Friend Circle

When He Is Giving You A Name Of A Friend, Before His Friend Circle. And Refusing To Accept You As His Girlfriend. What Are You Expecting, Will He Be Accepting You As A Wife, Before The Whole Society? Think.


6. No Involvement Of His Family

In India, The Understanding In Marriage Is Not Only Between A Girl Or Boy; But Also Its Between Two Families. When He Wants To Keep His Family Detached, So That They Don’t Get Emotionally Involved; Then You Can Understand Better What Kind Of Sign Is This.


7. Try To Avoid Conflicts

In Any Kind Of Healthy Relationship, A Two-sided Conversation Is Important. And If There Is No Conversation About The Problems That Are Going On. Then Precisely, He Is Trying To Avoid Them And Overlook The Same Just To Avoid Conflicts. Maybe It’s Not His Cup Of Tea. You Can Think About The Span Of Marriage,then.


8. That His Family Will Not Approve For The Marriage, And He Can’t Help It

When A Guy Thinks To Marry You, He Will Do Anything To Keep The Relation Alive And Makes Sure That You Both Do Not Get Separated For Any Reason. Now, Whether That Be Parents Or Relative Be A Reason For It.


9. Talks Down Your Relation In Public

The Foremost Way To Show Your Affection To Your Partner Is By Feeling Proud To Have Him/her. If He Downplays You In Public. Doesn’t Give Your Relation Much Importance Before The Society, And Hides His Taken Status From The Public Then How Sickening Your Marriage Can Be.


10. Break Up Is Good

When He Acts, As If He Will Break-up With You At Any Point Of Time; Whenever You Will Do Anything Against His Wish. Whenever He Denies To Talk About The Problems You Are Facing In The Relationship. Whenever There Is Break-up In His Friend Circle, He Supports And Stands For It. Then How Will He Stand For Marriage,certainly.

Hence, If You Observe Any Of The Sign In Your Partner; Then Definitely Give Your Relationship A Re-thought.

Don’t Do Anything Which Is Worthless!


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