10 Most Popular Hiking Spots In Usa


10 Most Popular Hiking Spots In Usa:-Owing to its vast land area & less population, USA is blessed with several natural parks dotted with snowy mountains, fountains, green pastures & breathtaking trails inviting- luring millions of adventurers each year. Unlike any other adventure, hiking is one of the most exciting & challenging as well activities but its human exploring and wandering temperament that put aside all such thoughts and thrills us to march ahead. So if you are in USA, herein are the 10 most popular hiking spots in USA!


1. Denali National Park

Spread across a vast area, bisected by a single road featuring a up and down camping land, snowy mountain, North America’s tallest peak the Mount McKinley, variety of wildlife including the dangerous grizzly bear, wolves, the moose, & above all the unexpected trails & Tundra spruce that would take all of even an experienced hikers making it the most famous hiking spot in Alaska, USA. Popular activities to be enjoyed here include hiking, mountaineering, biking & backpacking among other.


2. Arches National Park

Located north of Moab in the state Utah, USA, this national park is the home to amazing 2,000 natural sandstone arches including the most famous the ‘Delicate Arch’ and the longest arch the Devil’s Garden’( 11.2 Km) that have always captured the attention of hikers to hike upon those & photographers round the globe. Truly it’s Red Rock Wonderland!

3. Zion National Park

This too located in Utah; this national park offers the most beautiful cliffs and canyons. If you wish for the diverse ecology, some of the most amazing rocky trials then Zion National Park in USA is the distinctly spot that is dotted with both world’s some of the highest and lowest canyon walls in the world. Moreover the thrill just not end here, hikers here can view picturesque waterfall, high canyon walls & the valley of Virgin river.

10 Most Popular Hiking Spots In Usa

4. Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney, located at just 3 hr from Los Angeles, holds several distinction one among as the tallest peak in the contiguous USA & Sierra Nevada. More intresting about this summit is that you could hike without any mountaineering skills but due to its high elevation, most of the people turn back without reaching its peak but if you take permit & hike guide with you, you could accomplish the task & what you get- an undisturbed 360 view, scenic beauty of terrain & sense of accomplishment!


5. Appalachian Trail (A.T.)

Stretching to Georgia to Maine & passing through the USA’s 12 other states, it’s the longest trail of USA! If you are quite interested to hit this spot, the best thing is to visit its official website & dig out everything you need to know.


6. Grand Canyon Park

The ‘Ace of the national parks’, yes we are talking about Grand Canyon National Park that lures millions of hikers to witness its amazing vistas. To talk of hiking trail, the relevant authority issues just only 12-13k applications out of the 30 k applications annually. Moreover it’s known for its brutal downhill descent.


7. John Muir Trail

John Muir is the long trail ranging from Sierra Nevada range in California and passing through Yosemite & Sequoia national park & ending at Mt Whitney, the highest peak in continental USA. It is believed to be the premier hiking trail in USA. Through its range, its shows numerous natural forests & pure wilderness.


8. Yosemite National Park

Arguably as the most spectacular national park of America, it’s the park that has more than 800 miles of hiking trails showing the natural dense forests, glaciers, lakes & river, a rich variety of wildlife and the sight of the giant Sequoia trees. This is reason why more than 3.5 million people visit this park each year.

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park

9. Glacier National Park

With glacier carved peaks & stunning valleys running to Canada border, Glacier National Park, located in Montana, US; may be called as the Hiker’s Eden having more than 730 miles of hiking trails. Like most of the national park, you would have to take permit for the backcountry for overnight glacier hiking.

Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park

10. Pacific Coast Trail

What about hiking through three states, seven national parks, 24 natural forests and past more than 1000 lakes and a lot more, yes we are talking about the Pacific Coast Trail that stretches to 2,650 miles in length. Moreover the accessibility from many urban cities makes it a popular hiking choice among the urban adventurer and enthusiasts.

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