Afsana Tere Aankho Ka Noor | Bharat Bhushan Bhatt Love Story

Afsana Tere Aankho Ka Noor | Bharat Bhushan Bhatt Love Story: Afsana tere Aankho ka Noor song is Coincidental romantic song is published on YouTube channel ABR STAR PRODUCTION.Where Bharat Bhushan Bhatt  falls in love with the Shital Sinha by accidently (literally). Bharat Bhushan Bhatt  is a rich businessman and Shital Sinha is a girl who is pursuing her career. Like all other mornings, the Bharat Bhushan Bhatt  is going to his office in his Car .but he didn’t know that today his life is going to take a new turn. He is driving the car .but suddenly the Shital Sinha who is driving her scooty comes in front of the Bharat Bhushan Bhatt ‘s car. Bharat Bhushan Bhatt  pull brakes in time but their vehicle crashed lightly.And the Shital Sinha falls from her scooty. She gets up and is very angry at the car’s owner Bharat Bhushan Bhatt. She asks him to put down the glass of the car. And as the Bharat Bhushan Bhatt  puts down the glass he falls in love with her at first sight.

bharat bhushan bhatt
bharat bhushan bhatt

The next starts with the Shital Sinha who is in her room and gets the message of interview for the job which she had applied few weeks earlier. She reaches the address.but when she entered the interview room she was shocked. Because the owner of the company was the same man whom she had the accident. Now she feels little embarrassed of her attitude.. And she too get infatuated with the Bharat Bhushan Bhatt .

Bharat Bhushan Bhatt Shital Sinha
Bharat Bhushan Bhatt Shital Sinha

The next scene again they met by chance . As scooty break down the road side.The Bharat Bhushan Bhatt  saw her and helped her.. He asked his employ to tow the scooty to a garage.. And gives her lift.. Their love bonding strengthened in the car journey and the dream sequence starts

Afsana Tere Aankho Ka Noor
Afsana Tere Aankho Ka Noor

The next starts with them falling in love with each other deeply.. The Bharat Bhushan Bhatt  is crossing the road but his eyes are only on the Shital Sinha.He didn’t saw the car coming on his looks like he will collide with the car but is close shave..The Shital Sinha is overwhelmed with emotion to see his love of life is safe and starts crying… The Bharat Bhushan Bhatt dried her tears and both of them go their destined place.

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Credits :

Lyrics :Bharat Bhushan Bhatt

Singer :Pawan Kr. Mishra

Music : Rohan Deo Pathak

Cast : Bharat Bhushan Bhatt & Shital Sinha

Producer : Amit Kumar & Ranjeet Choudhary

DOP: Surendra Kujur

Director – Amit Kumar. & Surrendra Kujur

Choreography: Sam Sandeep & Amit Kr.

Editing : Sameer Beck

Makeup : Mohan

Supporting Cast : Gautam Kumar ,Rajeev Ranjan Das ,Anshu & Satyam

Supported By : ServiceZone ,Maxforte India Pvt. Ltd. ,SR Sharan & Associates & Satrhaks eConnect

Afsana Tere Aankho Ka Noor Bharat Bhushan Bhatt Shital Sinha accidental song Love Story


Overall the song and lyrics was good, music was good.. Scene Selection was quite ok. Acting and video editing could be better. As per my opinion i gave rating 10 out of 7 in all aspects. Over all oudience like this song.

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