10 Horror Movies To Watch With Your PG’s Roommate


10 Horror Movies To Watch With Your PG’s Roommate:-When you stay away from home in a PG then your roommate becomes your best friend and also your family. You do everything together, from going for dinner to shopping. Their things become yours and vice versa. You gossip about everything with them while munching on fast food. They are there for you when you are facing any trouble and they’ve always got your back. We also know that you guys are big movie fanatics and always wander around the PG with a pen drive in hand, looking for the latest movies. Since you and your roomie do everything together and also you are big fans of the cinema, so how about watching a few horror movies this weekend? Yes, that’s right! We have got for you a list of the ten most horrific movies which you would certainly like to watch with your roommate by your side. Now we are sure that you have a PG with free Wi-Fi, which will allow you to download or stream these movies online. So let’s begin with the list but before starting the movie make sure to follow these steps –

10 horror movies to watch with your PG’s roommate
10 horror movies to watch with your PG’s roommate

-Keep the popcorn, cold drinks and other snacks ready

-Turn off the lights

-Attach your laptop with high sound quality speakers


The Mist

This movie is based on a Stephen King’s novel. We needn’t say more because if King can scare you with just his words then imagine what the movie would do to you. The Mist is the story of a town which is filled with a mysterious mist that causes people to take refuge in a grocery store. The mist brings with itself a dangerous and life threating plague. The greatest part about this movie is its ending and it will surely blow your mind. (Don’t worry, not literally)



Now we would like to warn you that this is one gory movie but then, you just can’t resist the temptation of watching it at least once. Be prepared for there will be scenes in the movie where you will shut your eyes completely and hide behind your roomie’s back. Unfolding the surprise – This movie is based on the story of three Americans who travel through Europe only to end up in a terrible game of human hunting. (Don’t let the movie hinder your travelling plans to Europe)


The Girl Next Door

Oh no! Don’t mistake it for the sweet, romantic, drama movie, which shares the same title. This movie is about a woman who tortures another woman, both mentally and physically. We are warning you that it is quite gruesome, so watch it and see if you can bear with it.



This movie is about a family haunted by a supernatural being. This entity seems to follow the father where ever he goes. Sounds pretty typical, right? Not hardly. The demon in the film is so scary that you’ll not be able to sleep for several nights. And don’t even get us started on the dancing shadows. Happy watching!


The Exorcist

The Exorcist has to be one of the scariest movies of all time. Can you dare to watch it with the lights turned off? We bet you can but only if your roommate is next to you. Nobody, until and unless nothing scares them, can watch this movie alone. So guys turn on the speakers and get ready to watch some heads spin at 360 degrees.


Rosemary’s Baby

If you want to watch a pitch-perfect horror movie from the beginning to the end, then this is the one you should opt for. Rosemary’s baby is a horror masterpiece and it will give you Goosebumps each time the theme song plays. The movie is about a young couple that move to an apartment in New York that. The situation becomes tense and full of horror once Rosemary gets pregnant and the peculiar neighbors come into play. For the rest of the story, we’ll leave for you to find out.


Black Christmas

Want the hair at the back of your neck to stand up? Watch this movie and they will not only stand up but also fly. Black Christmas is about a college sorority that receives horrific phone calls over the span of Christmas break. The tense atmosphere created by the scenes in the movie will never let you take your eyes off the screen.


The Fog

The Fog is about a town full of fog and the lost souls of mariners that are out for revenge. Can’t get scary than this or can it? Well, you will receive this answer only when you watch the full movie. Till then, let the mysteries stay hidden in the fog.


The Blair Witch Project

Now this one is a “found footage” film. The story is about three students that are researching the legend of Elly Kedward, popularly known as the “Blair Witch”. While hiking through the black hills of Maryland, the team mysteriously disappears and the film we are watching is supposed to be their footage left behind. Spooky to the core, right?

10 horror movies to watch with your PG’s roommate
10 horror movies to watch with your PG’s roommate

The Changeling

This movie will not allow you to get bored. It shows the story of John Russell, a composer who moves to a huge mansion in Seattle after the death of his wife and child. The tragedy is followed by nerve-racking horror when John realises that his newly bought mansion is haunted by an angry spirit.

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Watch these horror movies back to back with your roommate and do let us know how you liked them, in the comments below.

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