Meet the 92 year old architect who created the world’s tallest statue of Sardar Patel

PM Modi unveiled the statue of Unity, the Statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on October 31. It will be the world’s tallest statue. More than 85 percent of this statue has been completed and  installed in Gujarat near Sardar Sarovar dam near Narmada river, has been installed and now the head is being installed.


This statue is being presented as an example of craft art in the country and the world, but do you know who is the craftsman behind this craft? These are Ram V. Sutar. The Statue of Unity, Padmabhushan, 92-year-old architect Ram V. Sutar is the imagination and he has designed this statue. Even before that they have made hundreds of statues. Including the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the Parliament House Complex.

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The glimpse of the world’s highest statue i.e. Statue of Unity, has started getting its glimpse … The concrete work of Sardar Patel statue of 182 meters high in Gujarat’s Narmada district is almost complete and the work of iron started Given … The feet of Sardar Patel are starting to appear in the idol … heavy heavy sheets of iron are being linked to the structure of the concrete with the help of a large crane …

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