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The Four Traits Of A Perfect Roommate: –If life is a novel then each and every day is a chapter of this mysterious book of which you are the main character. Each day in the form of a chapter carries a particular lesson and with each chapter, new characters enter and exit the novel. A few characters walk with you for years teaching you remarkable lessons which get beautifully stained with the ink of life in your novel.

These characters enter your life and render to you the capacity to fill the blank pages of your novel with a beautiful story. You can meet these people whom you are destined to meet, anywhere – in a cafe while having coffee, in a museum while absorbing the history in the antique objects, or at a crazy music festival. But sometimes these people come into your life wrapped in the form of the perfect roommates in the fun and frolic world of hostels.

You have just opened a new chapter in your novel of life, the chapter of hostel life when these people come walking into it bringing their energy to inspire your story. At first, you are shy around them only to discover later that they have contributed to coloring your novel with bright colors. So is your hostel roommate the best thing about your hostel life? We are guessing he certainly is. So let us today reflect on the traits of perfectly beautiful roommates who make the hostel life worth living.

The four traits of a perfect roommate
The four traits of a perfect roommate

They Introduce you to Something New

The soft rock music which you never discovered thinking it is so out of vogue is now what plays in your room all the time after your roommate introduced it to you. Your roommate seems to introduce you to all the awesome things which you had been missing out on so far. Whether it is good books, healthy living habits or a new cuisine more than half of the awesome things you’ve recently developed an interest in have been contributed to your life by your roommate.


Their Closet Is Your Closet

If you wear the same size clothes then your roommate’s clothes automatically become yours and vice versa. And if you share the same shoe size then it is a double bonus. Your roommate buys some new clothes but you are the first one to wear them to this date with the girl you like. Your roommate doesn’t mind sharing his clothes with you and is probably more excited than you are for your date.


They push you to pursue your dreams

Each time you lack the confidence of running after your dreams your roommate stands by your side to encourage you. He pushes you to stop thinking about anything and just run after your aim like a wild animal hunting for its prey. The 2 am motivational talk and the 8 am therapy, the perfect roommate does it all to see you scale the heights.


Their Presence Makes You Feel Like Home

Coming back to the hostel room after a long hard day is the best feeling in the world only because your roommate makes you feel at home. They help you in completing your lengthy assignments, they take care of you when you are sick and they help you to get through a bad break-up. Your roommate has made you realize that home is not a place but a feeling.


Do you also have a perfect roommate? Well, let us know in the comments below. And just in case you need to find one then just log on to – the home to budget hostels and perfect roommates.



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