Millionaire secret | woman won $1.6M in three years without saying anything to her husband

woman won $1.6M in three years:-Ana and Diego Rodríguez married in 2010, after having enough courtship time. In this way they began their life as husband and wife. 
He had a job as an engineer in the city and she worked as a receptionist for a local clinic.

In 2012, a happy situation occurred in the Rodriguez family. Ana gave birth to her first child, Andrés. However, after the birth of the baby had to make a decision, the mother left her job to stay taking care of her son from home.

But not everything was rosy, because in 2014 the manufacturing industry suffered a setback and although fortunately Diego was able to preserve his position, the company in which he worked made salary cuts, while in turn he increased the hours of work . From there, his wife looked for a solution.

woman won $1.6M in three years
woman won $1.6M in three years

woman won $1.6M in three years

“Diego was fulfilling our needs, but I noticed that he was exhausted. And although we made the attempt to save everything we got, it seemed that it was never enough, “Ana explained. He
also added that in reality he had no security” of what could happen “, and at that moment a new news surprised them, they were in the expectation of her second baby, this time a girl named Cristina, so the mother only had one thing left, “ask God to make it all go well”.

I was expecting a second baby, I just had to ask God that everything went well

After the birth of the girl, Ana found herself one day on the social network Facebook, there she observed an announcement in which she said that she could earn $ 985 for each day from the comfort of her home. With curiosity, he entered the link and began to investigate about the subject.
“I read many positive comments from users, that gave me security and I registered in the system,” Ana commented. “It was not about those scam proposals that tell you to sell things to make quick money

It was not about those scam proposals in which you must sell something to make money, if so, I would not have done it

But she is not the only one, currently work from home through the internet has been becoming a worldwide trend and has also grown in Mexico very recently.
There is a website called GREEN STOCK that gives you the opportunity to earn money online by investing in Cannabis stocks, which was recently legalized. All you need to do is complete an online form to access the system.
Regarding this, Ana admits that “I felt nervous about entering the system. I do not know much about computers, but they teach you everything you should do and what you should know. In fact, the only thing I knew was surfing the Internet and that was all the skill I needed in IT “.
Also, as if that were not enough, the mother of the family indicated that she can also carry out her work through her cell phone. Ana added that she did not want “my husband to feel that he was not providing money to his home.”
After two weeks doing her work, she received two checks totaling $ 12,645, which is why Ana felt the need to hide the money until she had the courage to tell her husband everything.
The decision he finally made was to open a bank account without Diego knowing, and thus make the deposits of his profit directly, and week by week, in said account.
And so, the life of this marriage continued, Ana continued her secret work. While Diego went to his usual job, his wife, from home, entered the GREEN STOCK system. 3 years passed. During all this time Ana did not touch a penny of that account.
“It was quite difficult for me to preserve a secret of this size for my husband for so long, I felt that in some way it was a betrayal. However, I was afraid to tell him more. Looking back, I think it was silly to hide this, “said Araceli.

It was quite difficult for me to preserve a secret of this size for my husband. Looking back, I think it was foolish to hide everything

The decision to report everything came last year after Diego lost his job, the loss was a blow for him, so he could not keep the secret. In this way, Ana went one afternoon to collect the money that she kept progressively in her secret  & woman won $1.6M in three years what I had accumulated to date.
“Ana took a seat next to me and told me that she had been doing something on my back so God would be ashamed of her,” Diego said. “After this, he took out a check and gave it to me, it was signed by our bank and his name, for the sum of $ 1,635,132. At the beginning I did not believe him but then he told me about the GREEN STOCK system. “

He pulled out a check and gave it to me. For the sum of $ 1,635,132 At the beginning I did not believe him but then he told me about the GREEN STOCK system

On the other hand, Ana narrates that at the beginning Diego remained silent. “I thought he was upset and even thinking about getting divorced, but what he did was start crying and hugging me.”
“Although I told him how sorry I was, he replied that he was relieved because his prayers for finding a solution to our finances were answered,” the woman continued.

What happened to this couple has been told in many local newspapers and the internet, and just like her, anyone can accomplish it by following the steps below, as informed PETRÓLEO Y ORO:

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