Ravan Worship In Mp | Where Is Ravana Worshipped In India

Mystery About 300-Year-Old Tradition In Madhya Pradesh Dussehra 2021

Ravan Worship In Mp:-The effigy of Ravan, the symbol of evil, is being burned all over the country, but there is a place where the effigy of Ravan is not burning.  Here the idol of Ravan is worship. This is because Ravan is considered to be the Jamairaja of this village. It is said that Ravan’s wife Mandodari was from this village. For more content about Dussehra 2019 visit GOOPHE.

Ravan Worship In Mp
Ravan Worship In Mp

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In the Khanpura village of Mandsaur, people take processions every year, carrying an aarti plate in Dussehra, dancing, and singing. These people do not go to burn an effigy of Ravana in the tableau of Lord Rama at the Dussehra festival.

Mandodari Is The Daughter of Namdev society

Khanpura village in the Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh has a huge statue of Lankapati Ravana. Ravana is worshiped here. On the morning of Dussehra, people come here to worship and perform the aarti of Ravana. The Namdev society in Mandsaur has been worshiping Dashanan Ravana for more than 300 years. There is a belief behind worshiping Ravana that if Ravan was arrogant, what happened then he was also a scholar. For more content about Dussehra 2019 visit GOOPHE.

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Actually, the Namdev society considers Ravan’s wife Mandodari as his daughter. For this reason, he considers Ravana as his son and worships him. Here, women consider Dashanan Ravan as jaundice and screen him. Therefore, after removing the veil, she passes in front of the statue of Ravana.

There is also a belief about Ravana that here Ekatra fever is cure by tying Raksha Sutra to Ravana’s feet. People come here and tie a latch called Ravan thread on Ravana’s feet. For more content about Dussehra 2019 visit GOOPHE.

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