Bend It Like Beckham, End It Like Dhoni And Trend It Like Sindhu


Bend It Like Beckham, End It Like Dhoni And Trend It Like Sindhu: With the notable performance given by our athletes at the recent Rio Olympics, this National Sports Day holds a special place in our hearts. For the very first time these athletes brought together the whole country to witness the magic in a sport other than cricket.

They have successfully managed to change the outlook of many and also highlighted the importance of sports in our life. We grew up in a time when we were excited about going back to home from school and playing some outdoor games with our friends. And even if we didn’t have a bat we would make one out of a flat wooden stick, laugh merrily and anticipate going back to the sports ground the next day. But now the days when we use to run after the football have been replaced by chasing virtual Pokémons of the digital world.

Do you remember the time when you were in college? Yes, when mornings use to start with some cricket and football sessions, when in the evenings you were spotted at the basketball court and everyone knew about your midnight tennis games which lasted until dawn. So why has the sports fanatic become dormant now?

Is it because of the lack of a team which carries the same spirit? Well, here is a chance for you to find a team and enjoy playing some sports in the way you use to, in a WudStay PG. We not only offer you a PG with free Wi-Fi to catch Pokémons but also one which gives you a chance to make a team and engage in a little outdoor activity. When our athletes can overcome adverse circumstances and make it up to Rio then you too can bring in some sports into your life and have a healthy – mind, body and spirit just by following these few tips.

Bend it like Beckham, end it like Dhoni and trend it like Sindhu

Bend it like Beckham, end it like Dhoni and trend it like Sindhu
Bend it like Beckham, end it like Dhoni and trend it like Sindhu

Spot a sports stadium

If you have your paying guest accommodation in Gurgaon or in cities like this then it won’t be a cumbersome task for you to spot a sports stadium. So all you have to do now is to gather your PG mates on a weekend for an early morning cricket session to boost up your day and your health.


Hit the nearby park

We not only provide you budget PGs in Gurgaon, Bangalore, Delhi and other major cities but also keep in mind that the location of the PG calms your mind. So you along with your PG mates can go hit the park and play a little badminton on a quiet Sunday evening.

Play some street football

Now we promise to provide you with PG accommodation at lowest price but above that we also promise to suggest to you some free-of-cost rocking ideas to keep your mood and body fit. So go and indulge in some street football along with your friends and live your carefree childhood days once again.

Cycle your way to fitness

Nothing is as liberating as an early morning bicycle ride especially if your track offers you a chance to embrace nature. On that note, we have some great news for the readers who have their PG in Gurgaon DLF Phase 3 as it is in close proximity to the Aravali Biodiversity Park which provides an enthralling cycling sojourn to its visitors.

Sports are essential in today’s life to facilitate all-around success and they become all the more enjoyable when you have friends who also act as your tough competitors in the game. And trust us once you are into it then you will be bitten by the zeal to win the game. So come on now gather your PG mates and roll the dice. At the first bend, it like Beckham, when close to the finish then end it like Dhoni and after that trend your sporting spirit like Sindhu.


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